How To Level Above Ground Pool Already Up

If you have an unleveled above ground pool, you will notice that there are different levels of pressure on both sides of the pool.

You can decide to keep using the pool that way and pray it doesn’t get worse sooner but it will for sure. And when it gets worse, your pool may burst. What’s best is to level your pool while it’s already up and filled with water.

Lots of people keep asking what the normal pool level should be but the truth is no swimming pool can be 100% leveled but you can get closer to a certain point. Based on the various installations and all knowledge gathered, the best pool level would be around an eighth of an inch for a square pool and quarter of an inch for an oval pool.

You should also be careful not to follow everything written in the instruction guide for most of them are written poorly.

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How to level an above ground pool with water in it

Now that you know your pool is unlevel you would be thinking of how to level the floor with water in the pool to avoid damage to your pool.  If you cannot do it carefully with a pool full of water, then take it down, level the floor and reset it up.