How To Set Up Intex Pool On Uneven Ground?

How To Set Up Intex Pool On Uneven Ground?

How To Set Up Intex Pool On Uneven Ground?

There are not many ways to set up an Intex pool but there’s the right way and the wrong way. If you’re planning on installing an Intex pool in your backyard, there are certain factors you should consider such as the location of your pool and the level of the ground.

Factors to Consider Before Setting up an Intex Pool

  • Intex Pool Location

The location of your pool varies on many factors such as its visibility, sunlight, water access, power location, and fencing. With a good pool location, all that’s needed is to create a sunny patch of grass in the back lawn with flat level ground, and surplus water supply surrounded by fences.

  • Level of the Ground

The level of the ground is also important to this type of pool in that if the ground is 1-2 inches off, and you’re using a soft-sided pool, it can roll towards the uneven side and put stress on the pool leading to a blowout. Among all the factors that concern setting up an Intex pool, using a level and flat ground is highly essential. To use a flat and even ground for your Intex pool, you have to place your stake at the center of any spot in your backyard and with a long string spray paint a border not larger than your pool. With a line level on the string, measure the ground level at 12-36 points around the pool. Use a flat shovel or sod cutter machine to clear the area of grass then add an inch layer of sand to level the floor.

How to Set up an Intex Pool on Uneven Ground

To set up your Intex pool on uneven ground,  

  • Start by outlining your pool on the floor. Use a stake and place it at the center of the place then tie a string to it. Measure the string to the radius of the pool and add 1 foot to the measurement.  Hold the string in one hand from the center while holding a spray can in the same hand, walk in a circle and spray the paint on the ground.           
  • Check the level of the ground through an 8’ 2 X 4 board lay on the floor against a stake. Cut all grasses so you do not take your measurement over grass, sticks, and stones. Walk on the 2 X 4 board to ensure your ground is leveled. If the ground is not leveled you need to take away 1” off the top for the floor to level.
  • Now spread the Intex pool on the floor, stake in the right corners, and spread the pool carefully on the floor. To make it easier for you, inflate the top and begin to fill in the pool.
  • Remove every wrinkle from the floor of the pool. After spreading any size of the pool you want, get inside, and begin to adjust all the corners. Once the pool is half full, your wrinkles become impossible to remove so be ready to step in as you fill the pool.
  • Remove all wrinkles and fill the pool to the brim before adding any necessary fixtures to the pool.


Setting up your Intex pool is not a hard venture as it’s something that can be easily done if you carefully take your time to handle it. Carefully carry out all your prep work and before you know it you’re done with the pool.

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