How to Make Beautiful Radish Roses for a Veggie Tray

Have you ever noticed that at this time of year when you go to a holiday party, there’s not usually anything healthy to eat?  If you offer to bring a fresh veggie tray, you know there will be something healthy and low calorie to choose from.  And, if you make these cute Radish Roses, they will dress up the tray and add bright color, texture and flavor.  They are also beautiful in a basket with ruffled lettuce surrounding the bouquet of fresh vegetables.  You will certainly impress the party-goers!

Start by choosing fresh radishes with as few blemishes as possible.  Wash them under running water and pat dry with a paper towel.  Cut a small sliver off the top (the root) and remove the green stem and leaves.

The next step is as easy as tic tac toe!  You just slice from the root end toward the stem end (Just cut about half way down, the bottom half still needs to be intact.)  See photo below.

The first 4 cuts will be like a tic tac toe board, then cut an “X” through the middle of the tic tac toe!

Put the cut radishes into a bowl and cover with cool water.  Allow to sit in the water for about 30 minutes.  The “petals” will start to open and look like a rose!

Arrange them to make a pretty veggie bouquet with some baby carrots, broccoli & cauliflower florets and celery sticks!  If you’d like, you can serve your bouquet of vegetables with some yummy veggie dip!

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