Best Pool Pump Motor

The Best Pool Pump Motor

To ensure a clean and safe pool there are steps to be taken one of which involves the installation of a quality swimming pool pump.

However, sometimes the motor could require a replacement. Are you one of those asking what is the best pool pump motor to buy? While there are many options to consider, we have narrowed it down to only the best. But before then, let’s consider some buying guide.

Buying Guide

Before making a buying decision, consider the following factors:

Size of Pool

Swimming pools come in various sizes and designs depending on the architecture of the pool. If it’s a big pool, then you will require a massive pump with the biggest voltage. This in turn affects the electricity consumption as the bigger the voltage, the more electricity the motor will consume when pumping water.

The same also applies to a small pool; it requires a small pump with less voltage and will consume less electricity. Hence, it is important to determine the size of your pool before making a purchase.

Pump Maintenance

This is another factor that must be considered before making a purchase. While some pumps can be repaired and replaced after breakdown some others do not offer such option as once defective, it stops working. 

Also, consider the overall cost of maintaining the pump. If it’s much cheaper to buy one with a replacement option, then purchase that. 

Cost of Pump

Various pump brands have their price tags and while it’s true that overspending on a pool pump will hurt your finances seeing as you have other expenses to make, you shouldn’t also settle on less than the best just to cut cost.

The best thing to do would be to invest in a pump that offers great value at an affordable price. Create a budget and stick to it.

Installation Process

It is necessary to consider the installation process. While some pumps require professional installation owing to their size, motor, complexity and operation, some others have an easy installation process.

If the pump you hope to buy will require a professional to install it, it then means you will be spending more, this is good though as it ensures a great job will be done but if you are on a budget, you should consider one with an easy installation which will not require external personnel. This saves money, time and energy.


Ultimately, no one wants to buy an under-performing pump, hence it is necessary to consider the motor and other additional features that ensure the pump will work efficiently.

Top Products on the Market

Below are the top nine products on the market:

1. Century B2854 1-1/2 HP Square Flange Pool Motor

This pool pump is designed to work in swimming pools and spas of all shapes and sizes. It features 1 ½ HP, 3450 RPM with a service factor of 1.1, 56Y frame and runs on 230/115 volts.

B2854 is a brand built as a replacement for the old Century B854 model. It has a dimension of 19 x 10.5 x 8.5 inches with a weight of 25.5 pounds. It features airflow ventilation systems that keep the motor cool while it’s in use.

Also, it is energy efficient, has a quiet operation and produces a sufficient flow rate. It does not require additional maintenance. Furthermore, it has a stainless steel construction hence it is rust-resistant, durable and sturdy.


  • It is well packaged and efficient
  • It is cost-efficient


  • It has a dirty look

2. Hayward SPX1610ZIM Maxrate Motor Replacement for Select Hayward Pumps

This pool pump is efficient and can be depended upon to deliver. It is an all-round circulation pump with a heavy-duty motor which is quiet and cool while in operation. It features an exclusive swing-away hand knob that ensures easier strainer cover remover which in turn ensures faster basket cleaning.

It has a fast service with four bolts that are easy to remove thereby granting easy access to the impeller. It has a capacity of 1 ½ horsepower with a weight of 25.6 pounds. It is designed to be used with the Max-Flo pump SP1800X series and also models SP1800X5, 1805X7, 1807X10, 1808X10, 18010X15, 18111X15.

It is also compatible with Hayward NorthStar pump SP4000 series models which include SP4005 (NS), SP4007 (NS), SP4010 (NS), SP4015 (NS), SP4020 (NS), SP4030 (NS). Furthermore, it is compatible with Hayward Super II pump SP3000X series models which include SP3005X7 (AZ), SP3007X10 (AZ), SP3010X15 (AZ), SP3015X20 (AZ), SP3020X25 (AZ), and SP3025X30 (AZ). All these must be ordered for specific horsepower and model to ensure it works properly.


  • It has a cool and quiet operation
  • It is dependable and efficient


  • It overheats

3. A.O Smith B2853 1 HP Square Flange Pool Motor

This is a single-phase motor that has a permanent split capacitor for enhanced running capacity and efficiency. It features an auto overload protector and also ball bearing to ensure long-lasting operation.

Also, it has a threaded shaft which allows for direct and convenient mounting of the motor. It is available in one horsepower. It has 3450 RPM along with 230/115 volts and 6.6/13.2 Amps. It is a square flange pool motor that is durable and trustworthy.

Furthermore, it is switchless, energy-efficient, features a stainless steel shaft and Class B insulation. It is also suitable for pools and spas; it weighs 24.4 pounds with a dimension of 15 x 7.5 x 10 inches while also having a low service factor.


  • It is sturdy, tough and durable
  • It is cheap


  • It gets a bit noisy after some use

4. Century Electric UST1152 1 ½-Horsepower Up-Rated Round Flange Replacement Motor

This product is made of high-quality material, this ensures it provides quality and efficient value, not just that it is also a super-efficient replacement motor. Its outer shell is made of corrosion-resistant material, hence even when it’s exposed to air, chemical or water, it won’t corrode

The pool motor has a round flange design along with easy wiring access; this ensures easy access to its inner components. However, it is advised that when replacing the pump motor, the pump seal should be replaced as well (it is sold separately), if not done, the pump or motor could get damaged.

It features a threaded shaft; it is also compatible with most pumps that require a round flange motor. The pool motor operates on 115 volts as well as 230 volts. It is also compatible with Jacuzzi Magnum Pumps, Pentair Pinnacle pumps, Hayward Super, Super II, and Max-Flow pumps.


  • The outer shell is corrosion resistant
  • It is a high-quality, efficient motor


  • It’s not so durable

5. A.O Smith SQ1102 1 HP Square Flange Pool Motor

SQ1102 is made of high-quality materials; this ensures it works efficiently and that it will last for a long time. It is a square flange pool motor that is equipped with one horsepower, 3450 RPM, 115/230 volts and 19.2/9.6 amps.

It has a dimension of 19.5 x 9 x 9 inches and weighs 22 pounds only. Although the installation may take some getting used to, once done, it works efficiently and smoothly. It is cheap and suitable for in-ground pools.

Some reviews suggest that the mechanical seal should always be replaced and that the back cover of the impeller removal should be detached, this will loosen and remove the big silver capacitor so that a half-inch wench can fit in and hold the shaft in place.


  • It is cheap
  • Durable and efficient


  • Installation may take a while

6. A.O Smith Century Electric B855 2-Horsepower 56Y-Frame Up-Rated Square Flange Replacement Motor

This is high quality and efficient replacement motor that features a corrosion-resistant outer shell. It has a square flange design hence it has easy wiring access. It has a dimension of 20.4 x 10.9 x 9.5 inches with a weight of 31 pounds.

The square flange pool motor has two horsepower capacity with a threaded shaft that’s compatible with pumps that has a square flange. It runs on 230 volts and has a big barrel centurion-style with 56Y-frame.

It is compatible with Sta-Rite Dura-Glas, Hayward Max-flow pumps, Pentair Whisper-Flo, Ultra-Flow pumps, Challenger, Max-E-Glas, Max-E-Glas II and  Dyna-Glas. It is suitable for in-ground pool motor replacement. However, when replacing, ensure the O-ring seal is placed on the pump side, this will ensure it doesn’t leak and that it lasts long.


  • It is an efficient replacement pump
  • It features easy-wiring access


  • Documentation is not comprehensive

7. A.O Smith SQ1152 1-1/2HP Square Flange Pool Motor

This is also known as a Century square flange pool motor. It features a threaded shaft and has an all-round copper winding that is made of stainless steel. It also features sealed ball bearings with a full rated and energy-efficient single speed motor.

Its Hp X service factor is required to be equal or exceed the motor being replaced. It runs on a voltage of 208/230 volts with a service factor of 1.47 minutes. It has a dimension of 10.75 x 19.5 x 9.13 with a weight of 29 pounds. It also comes with an instruction guide; this helps installation to be easy and straightforward.


  • It has a quiet operation
  • It is efficient and durable


  • It is made of poor quality components

8. US Electric Motor

This is a swimming pool pump motor that’s suitable for in-ground pool pumps example of which includes Max-Flo, Super II, Hayward Super Pump and other types of pumps that require 56J frame motor. Most Century motors (US Electric Motor is one of such) are found on most pool pumps.

It is made of a stainless steel shaft and has sealed ball bearing. The motor comes with four threaded bolt holes on its face that are meant for mounting the pump to the motor. The bolt holes are 5 7/8-inches on its center and are measured across the shaft.

Furthermore, it features a wiring diagram on its motor nameplate. It has one horsepower, 3450 RPM 56J, 14/7amps while running on 115/230 volts and 60 Hz. It features automatic overload protection along with a service factor of 1.0. It has a non-reversible CCW rotation facing the shafts and a C-Face mount along with a round body and no base. It also features a one-year warranty.


  • It comes with a one-year warranty
  • It is efficient, sturdy and durable


  • It is not cheap

9. A.O. Smith B2852 ¾ HP Square Flange Pool Motor

We round off with a product that’s ideal for both swimming pools and spas. It has ¾ horsepower while the shaft is made of stainless steel. It operates at a voltage of 230/115 volts with 3450 RPM. 

Also, it is compact having a dimension of 15.5 x 7.5 x 10 inches while weighing just five pounds. It has a quick and simple electrical hookup, there’s no hassle involved when switching over the pump housing. All you need is a few carbon seals and its up and running in less than an hour.

Delivery is also prompt and efficient; installation is also smooth, easy and efficient. It has a quiet operation. It is sturdy, durable and efficient. 


  • Ease of installation and operation
  • It is cost-effective


  • Sometimes get delivered with faulty pumps

FAQ On Pool Pump Motor

Q: How Much is a Pool Pump Motor?

A: Simply replacing a pump motor is cheaper than buying a new pump. Ideally, a pool pump motor costs between $150 to $800 and more depending on the type of motor purchased. However, if a professional is hired to install the pump, the cost of labor is usually between $80 to $200.

Q: How Long Should a Pool Pump Motor Last?

A: With regular use, a poop pump motor can last between 8 to 12 years before a replacement will be required.

Q: What Size Pool Pump Motor Do I Need?

A: For above-ground pools that measure up to 24 feet with less than 15,300-gallon capacity, 1.5 HP pump motor is sufficient.

Q: How to Clean a Pool Pump Motor?

A: To clean a pool pump motor, take the following steps:

  • Check the impeller
  • Turn off the power supply to the pump
  • Disconnect the motor and the pump
  • Detach the plastic covering
  • Remove and clean the impeller
  • Clean the motor
  • Couple back together


Now that you know what the best pool pump motor is, keeping your pool safe and clean shouldn’t be such a hassle anymore. Consider the products reviewed; also pay attention to the buying guides outlined, you are sure to purchase the right product this way.

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