Most people know me as Becky, but my “grandbuddies” call me Grandma B. Together, my husband and I have 17 grandchildren under the age of 14 years old.  We get together with the whole family every other Sunday at our house for a big family dinner and as you can imagine, it can get pretty crazy around here!  The little cousins are always so excited to get together.

We live on a little 3 acre farm in the suburbs. It’s a lot of work, (especially for my husband.)  He comes home from work each day and takes good care of our yard, fruit trees, and most importantly, the goats, bunnies and chickens.  We feed our chickens the kitchen scraps and they thank us by giving us fresh eggs every day (sometimes more than we could possibly eat, so we happily share with family and friends…) We have a huge vegetable garden, a berry patch and just about every kind of fruit tree. We love to harvest our own homegrown fruit and vegetables.  In the fall, I can be found making lots of jams, salsas, pickles and canning my own chunky cinnamon applesauce (which my grandkids have dubbed “grandma sauce!”)

When I was about 7 years old, my mom gave me this Betty Crocker Boys & Girls Cookbook with simple recipes, drawings and easy instructions.  In fact, I still have that cookbook.  To this day, my brothers have an ongoing joke about the first dinner I ever made all by myself.  The “Ham Loaf Hawaiian” was made of Spam and pineapple rings!  Mmmm…mmm…mmm (I say that sarcastically!)

Later on in life, when I was in my 30’s, and had small children, I owned and operated a Bed & Breakfast Inn.  I cooked breakfast for my overnight guests every morning and occasionally catered dinner parties and wedding receptions. (Now that I’m…ahem…a little bit beyond my 30’s, I wonder how I ever had the energy to do it all!)

I still enjoy cooking for my family and friends.  It’s a good thing that they’re all good sports, because I like to try out new recipes on them.  There is never a shortage of food when the family gets together.  My motto is:  “Nobody leaves here hungry!”