Tinted Mason Jars

Tinted Mason Jars

There have been lots of tutorials on Pinterest on how to tint mason jars.  Some involve buying a glass tinting glaze that needs to be brushed on and baked in the oven.  This sounds a little too complicated and messy. Other tutorials involve coloring Elmer’s glue and when it dries, it turns clear. I tried that technique, but if it gets wet, it turns cloudy and milky.

I saw this demonstrated on Studio 5 (KSL Salt Lake City.)  They spotlighted a blog that used a whole new technique to tint jars that is easy to do and the color stays put.  The secret is to use an acrylic finish that won’t wash off!  Pledge Futureshine (for vinyl floors.) There are a few stores that carry this, but it can also be found on Amazon. One bottle will last a long time!  

I colored the acrylic with just regular food coloring, stirred it gently and brushed it onto the jars.  (You can customize your own colors by mixing the colors!)

The photo above is from our son and daughter-in-laws wedding reception.  Our crafty and talented new daughter-in-law wanted to decorate the tables using tinted mason jars.  I gave her some old jars and showed her this technique I had seen on TV.  She went to work and made dozens of tinted jars for the centerpieces.  

Their reception was held at Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort in Utah.  It was spectacular! 

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  1. Val T

    This idea does sound much simpler and easier than the others that have come out – cannot wait to try it – ideas are already forming in my head of the possibilities! Congrats to your son and daughter-in-law!


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