Tender BBQ Chicken

The Secret to Tender BBQ Chicken

I have a secret to perfectly tender grilled chicken. It starts with a rolling pin!  I know it sounds weird, but read on…

Before grilling a boneless, skinless chicken breast, it is best to make the entire breast the same thickness.  Otherwise, the thick part of the breast doesn’t get cooked all the way through before the thinner part of the chicken breast is burned and crispy.  Here’s where the rolling pin comes in…

Put the chicken breast in a strong plastic bag (or cover top and bottom with plastic wrap.)  Set the plastic wrapped chicken a cutting board.  Pound the chicken breast with your rolling pin until it is of uniform thickness.  About 1/2 – 3/4″ thick.  It will get larger as it spreads.

Step 2.  Use a “jaccard tool” to tenderize the meat.  You just press it into the meat until you have gone over the entire piece.

This is the kind I use…

(This can be used on any cut of meat.  Beef, pork, poultry, etc.)  The tool has 3 rows of tiny little blades that cut through the meat and tenderize it by breaking down the muscle.  (The blades are so tiny that you cannot detect any little holes in the meat!)  This is also great for when you are going to marinate meats too.  It allows the marinade to more easily infuse into the meat.  You can get away with marinating it for a shorter time.

Now, to grill the chicken, place the pounded and tenderized chicken on a pre-heated BBQ that is set to medium-low heat.  Grill for approximately 7-8 minutes, then turn it over.  Continue cooking for another 7-8 minutes or until done.  

Brush with your favorite BBQ sauce AFTER the meat has been cooked.  If you put it on too early, it will scorch and burn onto the chicken.  

TRY THIS!  I promise, you will love this technique!  Just think!  No more unevenly cooked, burned or dry chicken!

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