Thanksgiving Tree

Thanksgiving Tree

Two years ago, we started a new tradition in our family.  I put my 4 year old granddaughter in charge of these paper leaves and a glue stick. While the dinner was being prepared, it was her job to go around to everyone with her basket full of paper leaves and some marking pens.  She told them that they could write down whatever they were thankful for on the leaves.  She loved being in charge of the glue stick and when all of the leaves were finished, she gathered them up and glued the leaves onto the paper tree.

glue leaves onto tree

I went to my local craft store where they have all different die cuts and I cut out some leaves in fall colors.  If you can’t find a place to make die cut Autumn leaves, you can search Google Images for some ideas and patterns. Then just cut them out of colorful papers.  The tree itself was just drawn free hand on brown butcher paper and glued to a piece of white butcher paper.

thanksgiving tree finished

This is a fun Thanksgiving Day activity.  Everyone has something to be thankful for!

If you don’t have access to a die cut machine to make your own, you can buy these cute leaf cutouts on  (These are easy!)

Or these are cute too…(these are a bit larger)

Also, I found this website on Pinterest.  It has a great pattern for a tree!  You could blow it up and make it any size you want…

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