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Pillow Case Dresses – DIY

At our church, girls from age 11 on up to women age 87 made these pillowcase dresses for a humanitarian project.  They are easily made using a pillowcase, some 1/4 ” elastic and double fold bias tape.  The 2 that I made (pictured above) were just made out of some fabric I had in my fabric stash, not actual pillowcases.  

The instructions they gave us came from this blog.  It has a great tutorial.

Our goal was to make 100.


When it was all said and done, our group had made over 200 dresses to go to Africa.  A family in our neighborhood was going to visit Kenya, so they were able to deliver the dresses personally.

Here is a website explaining the project.


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    Thank you for being servants of God. What a blessing these girls will receive along with their dresses. My God bless you all.


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