Butternut Squash Soup

Mom’s Butternut Squash Soup

In our garden this year, we are growing tons of butternut squash.  Of all the winter squash varieties, this is the best, if you ask me.  I love that we can harvest the squash at the end of the season and put them downstairs in our cold room.  As long as we clip the stems to be about 3″ long and keep them cool and dry, they will last us ALL winter.  

Butternut squash can be made into the most delicious soup!  Cooking hard winter squash is not that difficult.  I just cut a couple of slits in the squash and microwave it for this soup recipe.  Butternut squash can also be peeled and cubed and roasted in the oven.  Soooo good!  

This is my mom’s Butternut Squash Soup recipe:

1 medium butternut squash
3 c. chicken broth
3 T. butter or margarine
3 T. flour
2 ½ c. milk
Dash nutmeg
salt and pepper to taste

With a sharp knife, cut 2-3 slits in squash (this will keep it from bursting in the microwave!) Put on a plate (no need to cover) and microwave on high 12- 14 minutes or until tender. Allow to cool. Cut in half and scoop out seeds. Peel skin off, cube and put in blender with chicken broth. Blend until smooth.

In a separate pan, melt butter over low heat. Add flour. Stir and add milk, a little at a time, to make a “roux” (a smooth thickened white sauce.) Cook over med-low heat until thickened. Season with salt pepper and nutmeg. Cool slightly and put in blender with squash mixture. Return to stove top and heat to serve.  

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