Low-Fat Bran Muffins

People joke about Bran Muffins.  Maybe because they usually taste like sawdust.  These are nothing to joke about. These are a moist, flavorful muffin.  No sawdust in here! 

The batter keeps in the fridge for a few weeks so you can bake what you need and they will be fresh and soft.  I don’t add any oil, butter or shortening to this recipe.  So where does the moistness come from?

…Pureed Prunes!  

You may think that pureeing prunes requires a lot of effort and mess.  Not so.  Here is what I use!

gerber prunesNo.  You’re not seeing things,  This is…Prune baby food!

I have made these muffins before using applesauce instead of oil and they are also moist and delicious.  The prunes just give them extra flavor and richer color.

I adapted this recipe from the old Six-Week Bran Muffin recipe that your mom probably has in her recipe box.  The main differences are that I use the pureed prunes instead of oil and I use skim milk (reconstituted no-fat instant dry milk works just fine.)  To mimic buttermilk, I add lemon juice to the skim milk.  This adds acidity and makes for a nice texture.

(This recipe makes a REALLY  large batch – about 36 regular size muffins.  The batter will keep in fridge for up to 6  weeks  –  this recipe can easily be cut in half!)

4 eggs, beaten
1 c. applesauce or pureed prunes (4 small containers of baby food)
1 c. white sugar 
1 c. brown sugar 
1 qt. skim milk + 3 T. lemon juice
2 c. 40% bran flakes
4 c. high fiber All Bran Cereal (Not Bran Buds!)
1 c. raw wheat bran
½ c. ground flax seed (optional)
5 tsp. baking soda (dissolved in 2 c. boiling water)
5 c. flour
1 c. raisins, dates or Craisins (or combination of all three)

Mix all ingredients in order listed. Pour into container with tight fitting lid and refrigerate at least 12 hours before baking. When ready to bake, fill greased muffin tins* 2/3 full and bake at 350° for 18-20 minutes. Be careful not to over bake!  

*I love using reusable silicone baking cups.  The ones pictured are from Ikea.  If you don’t have an Ikea store near you, you can also find silicone baking cups here on Amazon.com.

4 thoughts on “Low-Fat Bran Muffins

    1. grandmabee Post author

      I’m not sure of the nutritional value, but calorie wise, I think I once figured them to be about 100 calories each. They’re full of fiber, so they’re good for you!

    1. grandmabee Post author

      I found them at Ikea last year. Aren’t they cute? The are made of silicon so you bake the muffin right in it and then it just pops out!


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