Lasagna Soup

Lasagna Soup with Bowties

Lasagna is one of my favorite things, but it is a lot of work to make.  First you have to cook the meat, boil the noodles, make the cheese filling and assemble all the layers BEFORE you even bake it.  Not only is it a lot of work, but it makes a lot of pots and pans to clean up.

What if I told you there was a way to get all the delicious flavor of lasagna, but without all the time and effort!  There is.  It’s called Lasagna Soup!

I found the recipe here.

The thing I love about Lasagna Soup is that I put dices of fresh mozzarella cheese and a dollop of ricotta cheese into the bottom of the soup bowl.  Then, when I ladle the hot soup into the bowl, the heat melts the cheeses.  Then I toss on a few chopped fresh basil leaves and oh boy is it good!

1 lb. ground Italian sausage

2 c. onion, chopped

1 c. carrots, shredded

2 c. fresh mushrooms, sliced

2 t. garlic, minced

4 c. chicken broth

1 can Italian stewed tomatoes, chopped

1 c. bowtie pasta

2 c. fresh spinach, chopped

Brown sausage in a large saucepan over medium-high heat, Drain grease.  Add onion and carrot; sauté a few minutes or until veggies are slightly softened. Stir in mushrooms and garlic, and saute another few minutes.  Add broth and tomatoes; bring to a boil. Stir in the pasta and simmer until tender cooked, about 10 minutes.  Add in the fresh spinach and cook about 1 minute until wilted.

To serve, place cubes of mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese and shredded parmesan in each serving bowl, then ladle hot soup over cheeses to melt. Top with fresh basil. Makes about 6 – 8 servings.

5 thoughts on “Lasagna Soup with Bowties

  1. Angela

    This was delicious! My Italian husband gave two thumbs up (and he’s super picky in regards to Italian food). I did use broken lasagna noodles instead of other noodles but did everything else as direction.


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