Easy - No Fail Creme Brulee

Easy, No-Fail Creme Brulee

When I came across a recipe for an easy Creme Brulee in my OLD Betty Crocker cookbook, I just had to try it! I love creamy desserts! Creme Brulee is supposed to be fairly easy to make, but it can also be a pain to have to bake it in a water bath just to get the perfect creamy consistency. This one is a cheater’s version! Betty Crocker calls it “Mock Creme Brulee!”

Here’s how I make it:

1 small package cook ‘n serve vanilla pudding mix

1/2 c. chilled whipping cream

4 – 6 tablespoons granulated (or brown) sugar

Prepare pudding mix with milk according to directions on package.


(Cover the top with plastic wrap while cooling so that it doesn’t form a skin on top as it cools.)

In a separate bowl, with an electric mixer on high speed, whip the cream until stiff.

Mock Creme Brulee step1

Gently fold into the cooled pudding and spread into a dish (or a 9″ un-greased pie plate.)  Chill until serving time.

Mock Creme Brulee step2

(Another option is to use 4 – 6 individual creme brulee dishes or Ramekins. Top with 1 tablespoon sugar per ramekin.)

Mock Creme Brulee step3

Sprinkle evenly with the sugar. At this point, you have a couple of options to create that crunchy, caramel top. You can set your broiler to 550° and broil the sugar topped custard about 5″ away from the flame. After about 1 minute, the sugar will melt and caramelize on top. Watch closely so it doesn’t burn.

The other option (which is the way I do it) is to use a Creme Brulee Torch. (Remember to follow all safety precautions when using the torch!) Just before serving, heat the sugar with the flame until it is caramel colored. Keep the flame moving slowly across the top until you see the sugar melt and begin to bubble.

Mock Creme Brulee step4

Cool slightly and serve. If desired you can garnish with fresh berries. 

A Crème Brûlée Set makes a great gift!  It comes with Ramekins and the Torch!  How fun is that?

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