Make Gift Bags from Wrapping Paper

DIY Gift Bags Made From Wrapping Paper!

Yes, you could just wrap the gift in wrapping paper, but sometimes the gift is an odd size or shape and doesn’t look quite right without a box. You can make these any size you want! They are made with wrapping paper so they are very inexpensive to make.  They are really easy & kids love to help make these too!

The bag pictured below is made using a graham cracker box!  You can use a cereal box, a shoe box, a small jewelry box or any size box to make a custom Gift Bag. 

gift bag 1

Start with a box.  “Wrap” the box (using a good quality wrapping paper) and tape just one end as if you were just wrapping a present. Crease the corners and edges to make a good fit (but leave it loose enough so you can slide it off the box.)  Tape the end and the seam.  Then slide the box out of open end.

gift bag 2

Stand the box up on the closed end and fold down the raw edge about 1/2″ and crease it.  

Put your gift inside and some tissue paper in the top!  Cute, huh?

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