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Homemade Raspberry Pear Jam

Homemade Raspberry-Pear Jam

Raspberry Jam has always been a favorite around our house. Here is a new twist on Raspberry Jam. Raspberry AND Pear Jam! The raspberries and pears are usually ripening at the same time in our yard, so this is a great recipe to use both! It is delicious! It is soooo good on toast for breakfast or on our Sunday dinner’s rolls. (It gets used up pretty quick so I’m hiding a jar or two to use for our Thanksgiving dinner!)

2 1/2 cup mashed pears (about 6 pears, peeled and cored)
4 cups mashed raspberries (measured after mashing)
3 tablespoons lemon juice
1 1-3/4-ounce package powdered fruit pectin
6 cups sugar

Place pears in a large mixing bowl. Use a potato masher to break the pears into small pieces. Measure 2 ½ cups of mashed pears (it should take about 6 pears.) Place the 4 cups of mashed raspberries into the bowl and mash all of the fruit into small pieces.

Measure the sugar into a separate bowl and set it aside. Pour the mashed fruit, lemon juice, and powdered fruit pectin into a 6 – 8 quart pot. Bring to a full rolling boil over high heat, stirring constantly. Boil 1 minute. Pour in the sugar all at once. Stir and bring to a full rolling boil again (so that the mixture cannot be stirred down.) Boil for 1 more minute while stirring constantly. Remove from heat. Use a metal spoon to skim off the foam.

Set the new canning jar lids into a bowl or pan of very hot water. Allow to sit 2 – 3 minutes. (It does not need to be boiling water – it should just start to soften the seal ring on the lids.)

Fill hot, sterilized jars using a wide mouth funnel. Leave ½” of head space at the top. Wipe the jar rim with a clean, damp paper towel to remove any jam that may have spilled onto the rim. Position a warm lid onto each jar and screw the bands onto the jars and tighten slightly (but not too tight!) Place the jars in boiling water in a water-bath canner. The jars should not touch each another. Cover and begin the processing time when the water returns to boiling. Process the jam for 10 minutes or according to your directions for your altitude. (For food safety, refer to the instructions that came with your water bath canner.) Remove jars and allow to cool.

Makes 8 – ½ pint jars or 4 pint jars. Label and use within a few months.