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Envelope Pillow Case

Envelope Pillow Tutorial

I love decorator pillows.  I have them all over my house!  Since I began making these envelope pillow cases, no pillow in my house is safe!  I’m gonna make it into a new pillow!

These envelope pillow cases can be taken off and depending on the fabric care instructions, they can either be hand or machine washed or else dry cleaned.  How nice to always have a clean, fresh pillow!

Let’s get started.

First, measure the pillow you want to cover. 

For example, my pillow is 14″ x 20″

pillow step 1

 Photo 1

REMEMBER, the instructions are for a 14″ X 20″ pillow.  You can customize the measurements for your own pillow after you learn this technique.


First, cut 1 rectangle (for the front of the pillow) the size of the pillow, plus 1″ (So the finished cut fabric would be 15 x 21″.)

Next, cut 2 more rectangles (these are for the back of the pillow.)  To get this measurement, 21″ is divided in half (which equals 10.5″), then add 3″ to each rectangle (this allows for the overlap.) 

So you will have 2 rectangles, each will measure 15″ x 13.5″             (See photo #1 above)

pillow 3

Now, take the 2 rectangles and fold down and stitch a small 1/4″ hem on the edges that will overlap. Notice the arrows in the photo below. Press this hem using your iron.


Pin the front piece to the 2 overlapping back pieces (with right sides together) and stitch all the way around the rectangle, with a 1/2″ seam allowance.

pillow 6

Clip the corners as shown below (this will make the corners into a nice sharp point after you turn it right side out.)

pillow 5

Turn the pillow case right side out.

pillow 7

Stuff your OLD pillow into your new Envelope Pillow Case and admire your  handiwork!

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