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Grandma Bee's Cookie Recipes

Grandma Bee’s Favorite Cookie Recipes

Here are 8 of my favorite cookie recipes all in one place!  (Starting at the top left and going clockwise…)


Sunny Side Up Cookies – This impressive, but easy recipe starts with a Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix, These cookies have lemon zest and coconut in the dough and a dollop of lemon curd on top.  The tops are drizzled with melted white chocolate chips!


Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Cookies – The best chocolate chip cookie you’ll ever make! They are the perfect texture. I give a few pointers on how to make the perfect cookie! 


Homemade Bordeaux Cookies – These are delightfully crisp and addicting! They are crispy, caramelly cookies that are good on their own with a glass of cold milk, but they can also be crushed and used in all kinds of dessert recipes.


Ranger Cookies – My mom used to make these cookies that are crispy and crunchy and chewy all at the same time! Cornflakes give them crunch; flaked coconut and brown sugar make them chewy and rolled oats makes them crispy!


Slice and Bake Crispy – These Slice and Bake Cookies are just about the easiest and most convenient cookies you can make. Make up the dough and freeze it, then time you can bake them whenever you want! (And they taste like they are from a gourmet bakery!)


Soft & Chewy Snickerdoodles – The perfect texture with a little bit of chewiness. I have been making this Snickerdoodle recipe for years and have never needed to experiment with any other recipe.


Chewy, White Chocolate, Craisin & Macadamia Nut Cookies – Long name, but this recipe is so easy because it starts with a Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix with some delicious additions.


Hurry Up Cookies – Made with graham cracker crumbs, sweetened condensed milk, coconut and chocolate chips. What could be easier? (Actually as far a cookies go, these cookies are low in fat!)